Windows phone 8.1 is certainly an option you should consider and take on pedestal, when it comes to perfectly developed and originally designed application

The global application market is a huge challenge. It doesn’t just put you the initiative to be always on the top of the chart for best mobile or web app developers, but also require from you to consider the latest IT additions, innovations and updates. Choosing the most proper operating system for the app, for instance, might seem easy, but, as a matter of fact, it is a harsh task you need to with it wisely and boldly. Thankfully, our experts in the field are open-minded enough to provide you with all the latest updates, so you can make up your mind. Having so many alternatives, you can be sure that the reasonable and successful decision will be made. And speaking of such a decision, we want to focus your attention on the Windows Phone 8.1. Do not underestimate it, but on the contrary – take it under consideration, because it becomes a big leader among all the operating systems in the mobile or web application market.

Having our talented and experienced developers, you are guaranteed that your Windows Phone 8.1 mobile/web apps will conquer the market and win all of the targeted users. Keep in mind that Windows Phone 8.1 is now much more preferred by the high quality application developers, because it becomes even more profitable and effective than Android. There are many reasons we can point in order to prove it to you. However, let`s list the key benefits of using the Windows Phone 8.1, when it comes to unique, specially tailored and intriguing mobile or web apps.

First of all, Windows Phone 8.1 releases more updates than the Android or iOS. This feature is definitely important for each consumer. Second of all, the performance of several apps on Windows Phone 8.1 is more solid and lest faultless than on any other OS. Meanwhile, Microsoft has made it happen – the mobile experience is finally modified and this has happened due to the Windows Phone 8.1. Last, but not least – the important sharing option is 100% covered by Windows Phone 8.1, but the Android cannot provide it for all the existing apps.

Do not hesitate to order Windows Phone 8.1 apps by our trustworthy and hard-working developers.

Mario Nikolov

Mario is Webellissimo’s Windows Phone practice manager and is responsible for growing our Windows Phone app development teams, as well as ensuring that all Windows Phone apps are built using best standards & practices. Mario has lead the charge in building our Windows Phone development practice by finding the best talent and heading Webellissimo Academy training courses; honing new hires into Windows Phone development experts.