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IT staff outsourcing companies in Bulgaria

30.04.2015 | Blog

IT staff outsourcing companies in Bulgaria are numerous today. But the quantity is not so important as the quality of the outsourcing services we have provided for the past few years. It took only 10 years for many outsourcing companies to be established and introduced to the business field. Today, many firms – big and small – are taking the benefits of this fantastic chance to manage the overall HR system, as well as the proper organization of the overall activity depending on the company`s niche.

Currently, there are more than 15 thousands of employees that work for the BAO sphere. The BAO sphere, on the other side, is the well-known Bulgarian Association Outsourcing. It is a typical branch organization that aims to incorporate and unite the activities and interest of the Bulgarian outsourcing companies. As its main mission BAO has established a plan to beat the completion and increase the first-class quality level of the provided outsourcing services. Last, but not least, BAO is fully engaged into the stimulating process for attracting more and more foreign investors in Bulgarian outsourcing, IT and business fields.

The general services BAO and all of its outsourcing company members with Bulgarian origin are mainly focused on the high-qualitative management of all the IT business process, as well as the specific technology development and advancing processes. Meanwhile, BAO and its members makes an accent at the improvement feature, which is mostly oriented to the new knowledge acquiring, as well as modern and contemporary techniques introduction. Up to now The Bulgarian Association Outsourcing has offices in Sofia and few large cities in the country, but it is only a matter of time for this net of centres to expand. Besides education and sharing new practices in the field, these centres will be in charge for the better interaction between the company members of the association. Because the more connected the companies are, the better progress they will achieve at a national level. Naturally, what IT staff outsourcing companies in Bulgaria and BAO will do is to provide a great number of free job positions – mostly for young people. This is the main purpose why BAO is now working so hard in its niche and as to the well-organized plan of the association goes, there will be 45 thousands free job positions for young IT talents till 2017. On the other side, BAO has several similar challenges to overtake during the next few years and each of them is once again oriented to the well-being of young people in Bulgaria, as well as to the encourage of the IT field in the country, where specialists in the field are usually not old, but young people, who have either just graduated university, or who are not experienced enough to be opened for new learning processes and information to study and apply during the working process – regardless the specific type of IT niche.

As an IT-based company, your business unit or firm can become a member of BAO, too. It will not be great for your overall working management and organization only, but also good for your reputation. Keep in mind that some of the most popular software, outsourcing, hosting and support companies in Bulgaria are already members of this association. Here are some examples you will be definitely familiar about – Data processing, Telus, Bulpros, Southerland, Studioweb.Bg and etc.

Also we are member of Bulgarian Internet Entrepreneurs Association, whose purpose is to both encourage professionalism in the Internet space and to stimulate the good practices. The association is economically and politically independent and religiously unaffiliated profit organization set up to act for public benefit as well as to protect the common interests of its industry members. For more info you can go into official Baip.Net website.