BlogCost-effective Rates for Offshore IT Outsourcing in Bulgaria

Cost-effective Rates for Offshore IT Outsourcing in Bulgaria

30.04.2015 | Blog

Offshore IT outsourcing in Bulgaria has reached a super high level for an amazingly short time and this has put the country on the first ranks in the sphere. The outsourcing in Bulgaria does not have only good perspectives, but real chances to become the leading segment of this field during the next few years. The offshore IT sourcing approach that you will provided with here is acclaimed by many leaders from IT world and HP, for instance, is the one of the main clients that Bulgaria can brag about. But prices are something that everyone should pay attention at, when it comes to outsourcing in Bulgaria. They are balanced with high-quality services and 100% full support. But what is more important is that they are as cheap as you cannot even dream about. This makes the offshore IT outsourcing field in Bulgaria a business initiative not to miss. And you should not miss it, either!

BOA – the abbreviation behind the well-known Bulgarian Outsourcing Association – has put the beginning of the professional outsourcing sphere in the country. The association is now appreciated by many giant and start-up companies and of course, low rates are the top reasons why so many people move to offshore outsource services in this region. Among the first companies of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association are the famous units like Coca-Cola Hellenic IT Services, AII Data Processing, Sofica Group, Telus, Bulpros and many others. Among their main believes, the statement that joined resources and collaboration leads to success is the force that keep them on the highest positions and the best ranks in the sphere. Competition in offshore IT outsourcing industry is ok and it might be stimulating for many of you, but BOA thinks it should be balanced in a way to make some space for the collaboration strategy, as well. Do not underestimate the professionals, who apply for work in these outsourcing companies, because although the low rates, they always give their best to show you results you will definitely not observe in any other Asia-based outsourcing company. Indeed, countries like China and Singapore, for example, are the pioneers in the field, but Bulgaria is the pioneer in offering the most low-cost, but yet super effective services that will blow your IT mind. In most cases, the outsourcing IT specialists in Bulgaria come with a lot of knowledge and skills, but they still need training in certain spheres. And they get it – they are always well-trained before beginning working in a real environment and before getting your personal offshore IT outsourcing project.

But let`s get back to the prices! They do determine your budget as to the outsourcing improvement of you business activity. So there is no way for you to afford a super expensive pack of such services, if you are pressed by the money factor. As a result of this unpleasant fact, you might consider to choose a cheaper outsourcing company and to just hope that everything will be fine. Well, there is no place for hoping about the great results that offshore IT outsourcing in Bulgaria will provide to you and to your company. Rates are so low due to many reasons and one of them is the low level of minimum salary payment in the country, as well as the skilful management of resources like time and experts for each project. What we mean is that Bulgarian outsourcing companies are very flexible in arranging their tasks in a more optimal way, so every single client receives the required attendance with minimum working capacity and funds.

Offshore IT outsourcing in Bulgaria covers all of the fields you might be interesting in – including open source development, software development, mobile application development,, Web UI and design, content writing and whatever you think off. So do not hesitate, but rely on Bulgarian experts, when you are in a need of some outsourcing assistance! The cheap prices are guaranteed!