BlogBest practices in the mobile apps development process

Best practices in the mobile apps development process

26.11.2014 | Blog
Over the years, Webellissimo has developed smart and successful methodology for designing and building technology products, including mobile apps that have been used by thousands of end-users worldwide.


In this post Webellissimo would like to share with the readers its award-winning strategy and key steps involved in designing a successful mobile app. What differentiates great companies from their competitors is the process that they follow in order to get the work done. Our development process has proven to be effective, reliable and approved by our clients. In addition, depending on the specific needs of our customers and their goals, the process is regularly altered so that it becomes unique for each individual client while still retaining its core structure.


The process of developing a mobile app always includes a great deal of significant things to consider – from business discovery and development to support and marketing.

1. Research and Business Discovery – Project Proposal

This the first phase of our mobile app development process. We begin our development process by first exploring your ideas with you and then understanding in depth your desired concept and design for your required mobile app. Research is also inevitable and highly important part of this step of the process as we want to get the overall idea for your target audience, anticipated goals and so on. We want to make sure that we know exactly what you want and need. We will then proceed to prepare the proper documentation (the Project Proposal) to assure that we have understood all your requirements.

 2. Planning – The Project Plan

This is the stage where we provide our clients with a roadmap of the mobile app.

We also try to verify the short- and long-term requirements for your product including the development resources that will be needed. We make sure that our team members have properly captured the essence of the business objectives, the mobile technology and the desired design. One of Webellissimo’s greatest values is our ability to successfully translate your specifications into something exceptional that exceeds your expectations. We also design the so-called Project Plan, which involves modules, milestones, dependencies, required assets and the product specification.

3. Design Phase

Webellissimo has experienced teams of graphic designers experts that deliver excellent artwork on different media platforms. As a result, they create stunning designs for each mobile application that promotes the customer’s new or existing brand, and engages the user. It should also be taken into account, that a given design is logically consistent with content, functionality, work area and so on. We make a lot of tests to ensure perfectionism in every pixel so that our clients receive a well-responsive design adaptable to every type of desktop (laptop, PC) and mobile devices (phones, smartphones and tablets). At this point in the process, the client has the final word – the design has to be exclusively approved by the client otherwise we create a completely new design.  Note that app popularity is directly connected to how great the mobile application looks in addition to how well it works.

 4. Creating the prototype

It is a well-known fact that smartphones and tablets have their own user experience guidelines and rules. In order to integrate them in your project we, at Webellissimo, develop an interactive visualization of your mobile application. For that purpose, we use a suitable mock-up tool to create wireframes that help you focus the conversation on content and interaction. In other words it helps you visualize how the user interacts with your app.

Finally, we send you the mockups to the clients to get their honest feedback. Based on your point of view, we can make changes to the Project Plan.

5. Coding (Programming)

Just after we agree on the design of your app we start the next phase of our development process. We put a lot of effort into this stage of our work since it is the most serious and the most difficult one, but in the same time it is the essence of the project that ensures its success. Our team loves to take on a difficult challenge. We make a detailed schedule for each mobile application. However, we understand that in the course of the process, new desires and suggestions can occur, so we, at Webellissimo, try to be flexible in our production process. Based on those changes, there could be a few iterations to the whole procedure. We only use the latest technologies for your mobile application.

We guarantee high productivity and performance through the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl and so on. We create beautiful and functional mobile applications and we also monitor and manage the resources to ensure the smooth operation of your app!

6. Testing and User Experience

As much as we try in the design phase of the given mobile app, an important part of our work process is the actual testing of the app on real devices. This phase provides security of the quality of the work before final completion of the project. For us this step is rather important and we take it very seriously – we do not spare time and resources because we want your app to work flawlessly.

Keep in mind that Webellissimo’s team of experts works with checklists, specifications and wireframes created at the earlier stages.

The testing takes place in different ways, depending on the design that you have in mind. When testing a given mobile application we observe the proper functioning of each of its sections. The testing is done through different mobile devices. This includes mobile devices with various types (smartphones and tablets), brands (iPhone, Samsung and so on) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows phone).

Apart from this Laboratory testing our Webellissimo team also checks the performance and the behavior of your mobile app under various external conditions – bad network coverage, low battery, low available memory. In addition, the application is also tested on its performance during any incoming or outgoing SMS and MMS or calls, media players being on and off and so on.

Once your mobile app is carefully and thoroughly tested, without doubt, you can be sure that the user experience and features are maintained completely.

 7. Finalizing and Training

After we have performed every possible test that ensures quality and smooth and flawless operation of the mobile app, i.e. when your mobile app is ready and you are happy with the results, we proceed to the next step of our development procedure, which is Finalizing and Training.

Webellissimo presents the final project to the client. This phase of the process includes a thorough discussion including a detailed presentation of the mobile app. After that we perform a complete demonstration of your product along with an explanation of its features. If you are happy with the product and if there are no other adjustments, we provide you with the access details and we continue to do an informative training so that you can operate your product by yourself. This includes update of information, photos, video, products and so on.

Our experts will make sure that they have answered all your questions up to this moment. Of course, our work does not end with the delivery of the app. We offer our clients annual maintenance services and still remain available whenever you have any inquiries.