Our dedicated technology team consists of great experts, who are as focused and creative as your own employees! Many reasons can cause the impossibility to reach all of your business goals. Of course, the main one is the lack of a beneficial and optimal development capacity. However, do not worry, because you have two options to solve this issue – you can either hire some new employees, or you can rely on our extra dedicated team of experts. But why bothering with interviews and new responsibilities, when the arrangement of the support from our expert team is so easy? Besides, we are always available for short-term collaborations, in which new employee hiring isn’t just adequate. Last, but not least, we assure you that our professionals are quite talented, expeditious and customer-friendly, so you can really rely on them, when it comes to any kind of tasks, detailed projects or entire strategy arrangement. Reduce the time for finding most suitable experts for your company and count on our dedicated team!

In order to provide you with the best assistance ever, we carefully and attentively pick up the workers, who will form your personally assigned dedicated team. After a solid research of your goals, we will be ready to name you the best experts in the field, who can help you. Our experts are from both – Minneapolis and Bulgaria. Being focused to execute your tasks and projects as quick as possible, our fabulous development teams will provide you the best software applications and products for a longer-term technology challenge by all means!



Business Analysis

During the formation of a great and big development team it is very significant to consider if the particular business will be capable to feed the entire IT development project with all the first-class requirements and preferences.

You can be 100% sure that Webellissimo offers Business Analysis, which are specially designed to transform the business goals into real instructions for the professional technology team you will hire with us. Moreover – these analyses guarantee the highest rate of optimality. Eventually, you are insured against any future problems that might become huge obstacles for your fast-growing progress in the IT and mobile software filed.

Project Management

Our main goals in your personalized development project are to plan and realize it in a most budget-friendly, speedy and detailed manner. Our experts always achieve these by taking under consideration all of your business demands and aims and by adjusting them to the most reliable resources and the best customer-oriented communication style.

The project management we offer you is always focused on each individual client`s needs and we are always open to hear your own ideas and correct our preliminary made strategy for your business growth or mobile improvement.

Quality Assurance

We have a specially tailored team for quality assurance. Their main job is to control the development project by avoiding any issues or faults, as well as by offering you the most high-quality services in the mobile and IT sphere ever. No matter what step our developers are on, the quality assurance experts in Webellissimo support and follow their actions in a full manner. Eventually, the products you receive are efficient and functional enough to fulfill your goals!

Evgeni Nonchev

“Webellissimo helped us essentially to build our software from the metal up for a commercial release. That was key to being able to deploy to our first customer six months after penning the deal with Webellissimo.”