We offer you original Android-based apps that will run on any mobile device.

Android has been considered as the top mobile OS across the entire world. Statistics are clear and obvious. About 79% of all the sold smartphones are powered with the Google-styled Android operative system. Meanwhile, almost 50% of today`s smartphone users have a device that runs a particular version of Android. Both data refers to a research from 2013 year, so you can be 100% sure that the numbers today are even higher. Moreover – the popularity of the Android mobile OS has been growing more and more. The consumers of Android-based apps have been increasing their number each single minute.

The large popularity behind the Android-based mobile devices makes a huge challenge for all the application developers. Their main goal is to produce and provide the audience a great amount of stylish and functional Android-based applications that could be determined as universal regarding their usability on all the different gadgets and the various Android versions. Meanwhile, programmers must stay up to date with the latest modifications and extras in application world. In short, they have to offer a working app that has a lot to show and to attract with.

Our talented Android-based app developers, though, have found the right formula to achieve all of the mentioned features. We blend the general UI elements an app should have with an extra ordinary UX to keep the interest of our clients. As a result, we can offer you a big variety of helpful and entertaining Android-based applications with perfect functionality and outstanding design. Thus, the main Android purpose is achieved – Android consumers get the best of their devices!

Mario Nikolov

Mario Nikolov is the Android & Java Practice Manager of Webellissimo. He is responsible for the successful completion of projects using best standards and practices, as well as preparing estimates and interviewing job candidates. Mario has been developing mobile applications and web systems for over six years in our Sofia, Bulgaria offices. He started his career as Java web developer before Android was released. He then changed his focus to Android app development. Mario is an expert at Android app development with additional expertise in BlackBerry, JSP, JSF, Hibernate and databases.