What Are the Best Hosting For Blogs?

Choosing the best hosting for blogs can be a difficult process, especially if you’re just getting started with your blogging adventure. There are a lot of features to keep in mind when choosing a host for your blogs. Not only does your blog need to be easy to host and use, but it needs to be reliable as well. There are a lot of different options for hosting your blogs on the internet, so you should do some research and take your time to find the best hosting for your blogging needs. Here are some tips to help you choose a great web hosting company for your blog.

best hosting for blogs

HostGator – One of the best hosting for blogs is HostGator. They have several different plans for most any size of site. From a small Squidoo lens to an unlimited Blogger site, HostGator has it all.

blogger – As we’ve mentioned before, bloggers tend to be larger in size. So, blogger seems like a good option for larger blogs. However, you will lose out on a lot of features by going with blogger. They don’t offer any free domain names, and their monthly plan starts at $8 a month. The best feature of blogger is probably the live chat option.

WordPress Blogs – WordPress is one of the newest and most popular blog hosting solutions out there today. WordPress offers everything you could possibly want for your blogs including unlimited themes and plugins. However, WordPress hosting solutions are expensive. Hostgator is our preferred WordPress hosting provider because it’s affordable and features are excellent. HostGator also offers a free domain name if you go with their plan.

The Performance Foundry – We love the performance foundry because it will allow your blogs to run smoothly without any lagging performance found. The performance discovered was a problem where the blog would occasionally get “jittery”. The problem seemed to come from the server. The issue was eventually fixed, but it took a lot of time. In general, the performance foundry isn’t the best. However, if you need a lot of processing power for your blogs then this is definitely a good option.

Email Accounts – If you want to email your customers and keep in touch with them then having different email accounts for your blog is a great idea. You can create new email addresses based on your blog and create a mailing list based on keywords. With the ability to track email addresses you’ll be able to determine which of your products or services are the most popular among your readers. If your blog has been getting a ton of hits then you should look into purchasing some additional email accounts.

Different Types of Website Hosting – There are many different types of website hosting out there. For example, the blog hosting plans usually come with free domain names, but you may have to purchase other types of domains. Some people will even offer a small hosting fee for the first year so they can get their website hosted for a year. It really all depends on what type of website you are running.

Live Chat – Many of the website hosting providers offer live chat so that your visitors can get in touch with you. Most people love to chat when they’re learning or having a problem with their blogs. With live chat you can chat with your customers and employees without having to leave your desk. You can also post comments on other blogs or forums. Just be sure you have the time to be online at any given time.

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